Bruges turns off its 'Wintergloed' lights on Sunday evening

Bruges turns off its 'Wintergloed' lights on Sunday evening
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The “Wintergloed” show of lights in Brugge will be turned off on Sunday evening after attracting too large a crowd on the previous day, according to the city’s authorities.

“We first need to see how we can organise everything safely,” Mayor Dirk De fauw explained on Sunday.

The show, during which 10 of Bruges' most iconic sites are bathed in light, will not be resumed next weekend either, the idea being to prevent crowds from building up in the city. Priority will be given instead to the city’s businesses, which will have reopened shortly before.

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On Saturday evening, visitors had made a run on the Wintergloed show. By 6:00 PM, police were forced to turn people away to prevent excessively large gatherings at a time when social-distancing measures aimed at limiting the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) are being enforced countrywide.

Municipal and police authorities met on Sunday morning to see how to organise the show in a safer manner. “We first need to see how to avoid the bottlenecks in future,” De fauw said. “For example, in certain places we shall opt for one-way pedestrian traffic.”

Next weekend will be the first one during which businesses will be open after a weeks-long Covid-19 induced closure.

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