These are the reasons people don’t want to return to the office

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If you’ve grown to love working from home, you’re not alone.

A recent US survey of more than 1,000 remote workers found that one in four people would prefer to stay fully remote.

The results are in line with an earlier study by the BDO consultancy firm, among more than 1,000 Belgians. It showed that nine out of ten Belgian employees and managers would like to telework one to three days a week, once all confinement measures end.

Here are five real reasons that people don’t want to return to the office.

1. Having to deal with people who have different COVID-19 and cleanliness standards.

2. Having to give up a customized and easily-accessible work-from-home setup.

3. Having to deal with the extroverted behaviour of others and feeling drained as a result.

4. Feeling anxious about the possibility of facing harassment.

5. Having to work in a space that isn’t disability-friendly and would be detrimental to quality of life.

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