Belgium in Brief: What They Found In The Ponds

Belgium in Brief: What They Found In The Ponds

'The Lost Treasures of The Ixelles Ponds' would be a great title for a Tintin comic, and that's exactly where my mind went when I heard divers pulled between 5 and 6 tonnes of waste from the bottom of the Ponds on Sunday.

A childhood spent watching adventure movies had me thinking divers would be surfacing with cursed treasures of the deep. Tales of sunken ships (very small ships?) and people being reunited with jewellery and riches they thought long-lost.

So far as we know, no such discoveries were made, but the items retrieved were impressive nonetheless.

So, what did they find? (I know you want to know too)

While this isn't the full haul, reports show that divers recovered:

Four weapons - three pistols, including a very old one and a rifle,

Six safes (on top of the 12 recovered in June in the same site),

Ten bicycles,

An unknown number of scooters,

A pile of cans and bottles,

Glasses from nearby drinking establishments.

Sure, I'm a bit disappointed that this probably won't lead to some epic adventure story, but it's nice to hear the pond is clean.

Where should they focus next?

Let @johnstonjules know (or email me

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