Belgium in Brief: Equal Opportunity To Dance

Belgium in Brief: Equal Opportunity To Dance
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There’s a phrase where I’m from, more often said in jest nowadays, but it came to my mind this morning:

“Ye dancin’?” (Are you dancing?), one person will ask.
“Ye askin’?” (Are you asking?), the other will reply.

Then, presumably, they have a dance.

Why am I bringing up an obscure Glaswegian expression in a newsletter about Belgium? Well, firstly because I’ve not talked about Scotland in a while, but also because the topic of dancing and covid came up and this phrase seemed to fit.

A new coronavirus testing centre is opening on Place Poelaert so that anyone can come and enjoy the nightlife of Brussels, even if they don’t have a Covid Safe Ticket.

The centre offers rapid tests, is open until midnight, and in theory, could be the lifeline to those who lack a covid pass to get to where they want to.

So will this just become a normal part of going out for those who don’t have the pass (for whatever reason)? Will the checklist for a night out be forever altered?

Clean clothes? Check
A pre-drink? Check
Taxi booked? Check
Phone, keys, wallet…mask? Check
CST? No? Ah, no worries, we’ll stop by the centre.

Ye dancin’?
Aye (yes), but just let me stop by Place Poelaert.

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