Federal museums to receive €2.9 million booster shot

Federal museums to receive €2.9 million booster shot
Credit: The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Federal museums will receive an additional €2.9 million in support from the government for the fiscal year 2021, of which the first payouts will be made on Monday.

Among the museums that will receive extra financial support are the Royal Museums of Fine Arts, the Royal Museums for Art and History, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, the KBR Museum, the Royal Museum for Central Africa and the Planetarium in Brussels.

Although these museums remained open throughout most of 2021, their financial situation has been difficult due to lower visitor numbers caused by the downturn in international tourism and health constraints linked to the coronavirus pandemic.

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State Secretary State Secretary for Recovery and Strategic Investments Thomas Dermine announced in a statement on Sunday that this extra allocation of funding will “will enable them to cover costs normally covered by visitor-generated revenue.”

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