The National Expo: Over 2,000 amateur artists hope for a place in a museum

The National Expo: Over 2,000 amateur artists hope for a place in a museum
Photo from museumPASSmusées

Some 2,000 artists have made their bid to participate in The National Expo, a competition in which amateur artists can win a place in a museum for their artwork.

The initiative was launched in early September by museumPASSmusées, according to Bruzz.

“We launched this initiative because we assumed that many people are involved in the creation of art themselves in their free time,” Erika T’Jaeckx of the organisation said in a press release.

“But that there would be so many of them to take up the challenge and that the quality would be so high, that exceeds our wildest expectations.”

The winners will be announced in November and are chosen by both the public and the museums.

More than 60,000 people voted in the competition. The 15 works that received the most votes will be displayed in a museum.

The museum teams will also select an additional 15 works from the top 200 creations with the most votes.

The winning works of art will be on display in various Belgian museums during the Christmas holidays.

“By letting both the general public and art professionals choose, we aim for an exhibition that represents the entire country as well as possible,” said T’Jaeckx.

“The museums are also spread throughout the country, so it will be a real National Expo.”

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