Belgium in Brief: Whisky Business

Belgium in Brief: Whisky Business
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Enough of Covid, there’s plenty on that below. Today’s topic is both intoxicating and comes with an astounding price tag: whisky.

Why? Because two bottles of the oldest single malt whisky in the world have been sold by a local store in West Flanders for €93,000 per bottle.

There’s no getting away from it, that is an eye-watering high price for a dose of Scotland’s finest. But it also has me wondering what you would do with that whisky once you buy it.

Look at it? Show it to people? Post photos of it dressed up for Halloween? Because having paid such a mind-boggling price, I can’t quite imagine drinking the prized spirit. And that makes me sad.

I wonder where the line is between collectable and unattainable?

Perhaps it’s growing up surrounded by relatives partial to a dram or two – a custom I’ve adopted in adult life – but I can’t see a world where a drink isn’t meant for drinking.

So I want to hear from you, collectors of Belgium and beyond. What would you do if you had this bottle? What’s your collectable?

Let @johnstonjules know (or email me 

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1. ‘Still too early’ to take new federal measures, says Verlinden

Even though the coronavirus figures in Belgium are rising again, it is “still too early” for the federal government to take extra measures, says Interior Affairs Minister Annelies Verlinden. Read More.

2. Brussels announces measures for expanded Christmas festivities

Grand Place during the Christmas festivities. Credit: Plaisirs d’Hiver

Brussels has announced the coronavirus measures for the 20th edition of its annual “Winter Wonders” celebrations, as it cautiously hopes celebrations will go ahead despite the worsening Covid-19 situation. Read more.

3. Marc Van Ranst criticised for dancing at Covid-Safe party

A video of Belgian virologist Marc Van Ranst dancing at a party in the Moroccan consulate in Hoboken, Antwerp, has circulated in Belgian media this week, prompting criticism that the expert was not following the rules. Here’s more.

4. Confirmed: Belgium gives extra shot to all those vaccinated with J&J

On Wednesday morning, Belgium’s Health Ministers gave the green light to offer all those who were initially vaccinated with the single-dose Johnson & Johnson jab an extra shot. Read more.

5. People who show fake Covid Safe Ticket or PLF now risk prison sentence

People who use a fake Covid Safe Ticket (CST) or Passenger Location Form (PLF) in Belgium will immediately be summoned to the correctional court and risk a prison sentence from now on. Read more.

6. On this day in Brussels: The Unknown Soldier

On this day in 1922, five coffins were lined up in the first class waiting room at Bruges station. They contained the remains of five unknown Belgian soldiers dug up from five different war cemeteries. Read more.

7. Mediamarkt cyber attack: hackers demand $50 million in Bitcoin

An international report by insurer Hiscox showed last May that more than four in ten (or 42%) Belgian companies were hit by at least one cyber attack in the past year. Here’s more.

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