Hidden Belgium: A New Year walk

Hidden Belgium: A New Year walk

This is a walk to start the new year. The marked trail follows the meandering River Lesse between two small railway stations in the Ardennes.

All you have to do is to work out how to get there. And wrap up warmly. Then head off for three hours of hiking.

You can get to this walk by train. Or car if you prefer. And the best thing about this walk is that ends in a snug Ardennes café.

The route follows the right bank of the river for about eight kilometres. Along the way, you come to steep steps cut in the rock, iron ladders and narrow ledges.

The railway line runs close to the path, occasionally crossing impressive stone bridges or disappearing into tunnel entrances that look like castles. You also come to a mysterious abandoned railway station built by Leopold II.

The walk ends at Gendron Gare where you can pick up the train. The service is not too frequent at the weekend, but you can wait for the next train with the local hunters and fellow hikers who gather in the bar of the Auberge de la
Lesse, next to the station.

What better way to begin 2022?

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