Hidden Belgium: An artist’s house in Bruges

Hidden Belgium: An artist’s house in Bruges

It doesn’t look all that special from the street. But Huis ’t Schaep in Bruges is a very special place to stay. This fabulous guest house occupies the home and studio of the 19th-century Bruges artist and craftsman Samuel Coucke.

He decorated the interior in a flamboyant Neo-Gothic style that includes carved angels, painted ceilings and stained glass windows. The house also has a beautiful vaulted atelier that  looks more like a Gothic chapel and a breakfast room filled with Coucke family mementoes.

Coucke lived in this extraordinary house with his wife and 11 children. While the children milled around, Coucke created stained glass windows for Catholic churches. He also produced porcelain in a workshop at the back of the house.

The present owner has carefully restored the rich decoration to create a unique guest house that is almost like a museum. The building even has its own Wikipedia page.

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