Remarkable discovery of two Gallo-Roman tombs in Ath

Remarkable discovery of two Gallo-Roman tombs in Ath

Two tombs, built in the first century of the Christian era, were discovered Monday during work to extend the Ghislenghien zoning area was taking place. According to archaeologists, this is an exceptional discovery because the tombs were filled with many objects still in excellent condition.  While working to expand the  industrial area of Ghislenghien (Ath), workers discovered the two tombs which, according to the funeral rites practiced in ancient times, were built between 10 and 20 AD. 

Archaeologists from the Walloon Region on the scene discovered numerous objects in excellent condition. 

Twenty years ago, a Roman villa was discovered near the same area in which the  two tombs were discovered. According to archaeologists, the deceased would be the occupants of the farm that was built before the Roman villa.

This is the first discovery of its kind in Belgium.

(Source: Belga)

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