Launch of the second “Star of Belgian cuisine" cooking competition

Launch of the second “Star of Belgian cuisine" cooking competition

On Tuesday, the names of the eight finalists of the second edition of "The Star of Belgian cuisine" were announced. The competition is organized by vegetable chef Frank Fol and Pierre Wynants ("Comme Chez Soi") in partnership with the Master Chefs of Belgium. The contest will be held from October 30th to November 2nd at the Flanders Expo in Ghent. This event is under the patronage of Princess Lea of Belgium. A random draw among the eight finalists determined the order of the quarterfinals. Simon Lutter ("Hangar 58", Genk) will compete against Jeremy Lebleu ("Auberge du moulin hideux" Noirefontaine). Koen Gelaes ("Culinaire" in Menen, West Flanders) will challenge Cedric Tennstedt (“Le Vieux Marronnier” in Nivelles, Walloon Brabant). Thibaut Laffut ("Le cap des trois provinces " in Ocquier, Liège) will face off with Simon Denis ("Comptoir de l'eau vive", Erpent, Namur) and finally, Said Ben Belkacem ("Villa Lorraine" in Brussels) will compete against Jonas Steyaert ("' Aards Paradijs “in Nevele, East Flanders).

"I wanted to do something simpler than what the great competitions such as the Taittinger, the Prosper Montagne and the Bocuse d'Or are doing," said Pierre Wynants. "Our contestants must be able to recreate their dishes in their restaurant for at least three months. That way the public will have the opportunity to taste the dish that won the contest." Just like last year, preparations will highlight beer, chicory and chocolate.

The launch of this culinary competition is part of the second "Week of Belgian cuisine", organized by the 132 Master Chefs of Belgium which will take place from Monday until next Sunday.

Last year, Gregory Gillain (" L'Eau Vive" in Arbre, Namur) won against Maxime Collin ("Villa Lorraine”, Brussels) in the first ever “Star of Belgian cuisine" competition. 

(Source: Belga)

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