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Miss Belgium 2014 will not participate in the Miss World

Laurence Langen, Miss Belgium 2014, will not compete in the Miss World pageant in London in mid-December. Anissa Blondin, her runner up, will be replacing her at the event. Langen who was designated as the beauty ambassador of Belgium for 2014 will not participate in the Miss World pageant. Officially health problems prevent her from representing Belgium in the pageant. Off the record, Laurence Langen has stated that she is tired of being Miss Belgium and wants to go back to a normal life.  

After she was officially elected as the most beautiful woman in the kingdom, Langen found herself embroiled in a controversy. Some complained of a rigged election, others took to social media to say she did not have a body befitting Miss Belgium.  

Langen will be replaced by the first runner-up, 22-year old Anissa Blondin who also holds the title of Miss Flanders Brabant. She will begin in London on November 20th to prepare for and then participate in the 64th Miss World pageant.

(Source: Belga)