Namur-Events launches “Old School” nights to promote “Belgian-ness”

The non-profit making association Namur-Events, organiser of Apéros Namur, is set to launch what it calls “Old School” nights, in order to promote “Belgian-ness” by providing the screening of “cult” movies and entertainment in a relaxed atmosphere. On the occasion of its first edition, Namur-Events has teamed up with Namur city centre Eldorado cinema to offer spectators the chance to see (again) the film “Dikkenek” on the big screen.

The feature film will be showing on December 18th at 8.30 pm. In addition to the screening of the Belgian film, entertainment will be provided. Cinema-buffs will be greeted from 7.45 pm “with a ‘hoppy’ refreshment featured in, and made famous by the film,” says Namur-Events. Moreover, a prize will be awarded to the best Claudy Focant lookalike, the film’s leading character played by Belgian actor François Damiens.

Advance tickets are available at a price of six euros at the Eldorado ticket office and on the event’s Facebook page.  About 80 people have already booked a seat for the event.

“This is a try-out. If it goes well, we’ll renew the event every 3 months or so. We have in mind other films we feel promote “Belgian-ness”, such as ‘C’est arrivé près de chez vous’ or ‘Panique au village’, and we will always be putting on entertainment around the actual event”, said Namur-Events’ Nicolas Bonomi. The association plans to organise other social events open to all in Namur’s public venues.

(Source: Belga)  

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