12 Belgian beers rank among the 100 best in the world

12 Belgian beers rank among the 100 best in the world

Twelve Belgian beers have ranked among the 100 best beers in the world for 2014. This ranking was set up by Ratebeer, the American internet site for grading beer. Belgian beers won two more places than 2013.

Among the Belgian beverages loved by internet users are some that had already ranked high over the last few years. These are Westvleteren (8 and 12), Rocheforts 10 and 8 and St Benardus 12. The 100 best beers appear in alphabetical order on the Ratebeer site.

The Westvleteren 12 retains the top place, along with an Iowa beer (Toppling Goliath Kentucky Brunch). However, it was only tasted by around 100 amateurs, compared to more than 3,000 for the Belgian Trappist beer.

A neighbor of the Sainte-Sixe community in Westvleteren, the Struise Brouwers (Ostvleteren) have four beers in the top 100 (Black Albert, Pannepot, Pannepot Reserva and Pannepot Grand Reserva). 3 Fonteinen (Hommage), Cantillon (Lou Pepe Pure Kreik) and Rodenbach (Caractère Rouge) complete the list of prize-winners for Belgium. It is the only country to have so many, coming just after the United-States, which also won big. The other countries are Canda (3), Denmark (3), the Netherlands (2) and England (1).

(Source: Belga)

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