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“SHOCK! 1914 …” exhibition extended until 7 March

The SHOCK! … 1914 exhibition will stay open for an extra week until Saturday, March 7th, announced its organisers in a statement on Tuesday. This means the exhibition will be part of the “Museum Night Fever”, an event which enables the public to make night visits to various museums in Brussels on March 7th. The “SHOCK! 1914 … And if the war started tomorrow?” exhibition is about the First World War and has been open to the public since September. The exhibition takes people on an adventurous visit of the Royal Library of Belgium via the invasion of Belgium during the first weeks of the First World War.

The exhibition will form part of the “Museum Night Fever,” event which allows the public to get an all-in pass, valid between 7:00pm and 1:00am the following morning, and which enables them to visit a total of 23 different venues.

The event also includes other activities such as concerts, performances, plays, and an after-party in the former Brussels casino.

The STIB is putting on free shuttle buses between the different exhibition venues.

(Source: Belga)