TAG bxl presents a solo exhibition of Belgian artist David Dusart

Dusart works with several different techniques and media and this very first exhibition offers a rather broad view on the artist’s work from 2014 to 2016. ‘Serendipity’ revolves around Dusart’s universe where the viewer can make associations with the crane, the human body, biology, anatomy, DNA, patterns, circuits, astronomy, mathematics, volume. It is an exhibition on science and the human body.

The title, Serendipity, means the art of making a discovery by chance, notably in science. David Dusart links art and science, making science more attractive to the audience. It was Dusart’s vision and non-comprehension on science that inspired him to start this work. “I don’t have any background in science or technology. I don’t have any education in these fields. I consider the patterns of electronic printed circuit boards as a language, thus I gave myself the right to interpret its vocabulary, to make it express other things. In my artistic practice, I recuperate the patterns of those boards, I split them up, I rewrite them to form new universes.”

Dusart’s work will be appreciated by the contemporary art viewer and also introduced to a wider audience with the aim of understanding and appreciating science though art. The exhibition takes place from 28 January until 28 February at TAG bxl The Accessible Gallery by Place Jeu de Balle in Brussels.

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