Part of a disappeared Magritte painting found in the UK

Part of a disappeared Magritte painting found in the UK

A third part of Magritte’s The Enchanted Pose, representing two nude women, surfaced in the United Kingdom. The work, painted in 1927, had disappeared about 80 years ago. In 2013 it seemed that the artist had separated the piece and painted over it. Two parts have already been found, and Thursday the British Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery declared that it had found a third piece, informed the British daily The Guardian.

Magritte had realized this work on a 114 by 162 cm canvas. For reasons yet unknown, the Belgian surrealist decided to divide the canvas into four and paint other works on top of each of the parts.

It was discovered Thursday that the right side of The Enchanted Pose was underneath the canvas of The Human Condition, a work which arrived at the Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery in 1995.

In 2013, scientists discovered, at MoMa in New York, following a major Magritte exhibition, that a painting was hidden behind The Portrait (1935), which was the heads and torsos of the nude women of The Enchanted Pose. The feet of the women were rediscovered through The Red Model (1935), located at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Sweden.

Now only the top part of the painting remains missing.   

(Source: Belga)

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