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Wired exhibition at Gallery 151 in Brussels

The works of the artist who goes by the pseudonym of LamRO will be exhibited for the very first time. “This collection of images represents a voyage of the eye as well as a real voyage of travel”, the gallery owners Simona El Harrar and Tim Grosvenor told The Brussels Times.

The images have been taken during Lamro’s travels in Eastern Europe, the Far-East and South America. “The exhibition is about the connected world we inhabit but with a sense of the past implicit in the images”, Lamro explains.

We see this “tangled web we weave” to be connected, but in the developed world of omnipresent ‘wifi’ this seems almost quaintly redundant. “The mass of cables seem at times to reflect the way we are tied in knots by the world of social media and too much connectivity”, the artist says.

For the viewer, it feels like watching the masts of long lost sailing ships that once plied our oceans, just as one day these cables will be cut and replaced by something else.

“Wired” is exhibited at Gallery 151 from 14 September to 30 October on Chaussée de Wavre 147, 1050 Brussels.

The Brussels Times