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Megavino 2017 – The largest wine fair in Benelux

The 19th edition of Megavino takes place in Brussels Expo from Friday 20 October to Monday 23 October. This is the largest wine fair in the Benelux region. The event brings together wine producers from all over the world, showcasing their different varieties.

The fair has grown very popular and allows wine lovers to taste some of the best wines in the world. With the entrance tickets, visitors receive their own glasses, so they can freely walk and talk to the producers, discovering several hundreds of wine exhibitors who in turn represent thousands of wine brands from more than thirty countries.

Megavino also focuses on the origin of wines and the life of the wine growers. Wine contests, workshops, conferences, tips on how to associate wine with food, wine accessories and other activities are scheduled during the event. The guest of honour of Megavino this year is Bulgaria, one of the oldest wine producing countries. The organisers have also announced that there will be a special zone for spirits and distillates.

Last year’s Megavino fair invited wine producers from Lebanon as guests of honour.

Bulgaria – guest of honour

The regular producers from previous editions from France, Spain, Italy are of course returning and some lesser known from Austria and Lebanon who presented for the first time last year. Several ones from California who were highlighted in a previous edition are joining. But for guest of honour this year, Bulgaria will be featured.

During Bulgaria’s communist regime, wine was sold for a fixed price, which did not motivate so many wine producers to produce better quality wines. Most of the wines were sold to the former Soviet Union, Poland and other Eastern European countries.

With the end of communism in 1989, Bulgaria’s viticulture actually first declined. This was because the vineyards were given back to the old owners who had no clue what to do with it. They had neither the knowledge nor the equipment to produce good wines.

Various programmes and financial subsidies have since been allocated to develop and stimulate the production of wine in the country. Fastforward today and Bulgaria has become the 18th largest wine producing country in the world.

This year will also see producers from Greece and Georgia joining Megavino for the very first time.

Practical information

All in all wine producers from 35 countries will be present, in what will truly be a celebration for any amateur or proffesional wine taster.

Megavino 2017, from 20 to 23 October, Hall 3 Brussels Expo
Opening hours:
Friday 20/10 from 18 to 22.30
Saturday 21/10 from 11 to 19.00
Sunday 22/10 from 11 to 18.00
Monday 23/10 from 10 to 18.00

Entrance ticket price: 12€ pre registeration online, 15€ at door, ticket price includes wine tasting glass and site map.
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