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Eyes Wild Open exhibition to open in Botanique

Curated by photographer Marie Sordat, Eyes Wild Open highlights the relationships that exist between several generations of photographers whose practice is as intuitive as it is abrupt or transgressive. The exhibition brings together the work of nearly thirty international photographers:  

Robert Frank • Ed van der Elsken • William Klein • Daido Moriyama • Takuma Nakahira • Ishiuchi Miyako • Christer Strömholm • Anders Petersen • Dolorès Marat • Paulo Nozolino • Antoine d’Agata • Klavdij Sluban • Michael Ackerman • Jehsong Baak • JH Engström • Olivier Pin-Fat • Tiane Doan Na Champassak • Lorenzo Castore • Arja Hyytiäinen • Jacob Aue Sobol • Alisa Resnik • Gilles Roudière • Stéphane Charpentier • Gabrielle Duplantier • Yusuf Sevinçli • Sohrab Hura • Sébastien Van Malleghem 

Among them some are trying to revive and revitalise the documentary genre while others are exploring new introspective or poetic paths. Tracing a path through the work of each of them, a theme emerges: none of them is playing the adaptation or imitation game. No posturing, no fakery, no counterfeiters. Though they may often have drawn nourishment from the work of their predecessors, and there are links and correspondences that float clearly beneath the surface, they have no shackles and subscribe only to the school of untamed and untameable photography.

All these photographers have their eyes wild open. Their work is powerful, rich and diverse. Marie Sordat explains that she expects visitors to find and recognise a special part of historic photography from this exhibition. “These works have never been shown together before anywhere in the world. The exhibition is accompanied by a lot of historical information.”

The exhibition runs from Thursday 22.02.18 to Sunday 22.04.18. For more information please visit:

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