Antwerp museum organises nudists-only tour

Antwerp museum organises nudists-only tour
FOMU / Paul Kooiker

Antwerp’s photography museum is organising a guided tour that will only be open to visitors who don’t mind leaving their clothes at the entrance. The nudists-only guided tour, which will take place outside of the museum’s normal opening hours, will focus on an exhibition of Paul Kooiker’s oeuvre, a Dutch conceptual photographer who frequently explores both the female nude and themes of voyeurism in his work.

“This initiative is also part of the baroque theme that many Antwerp museums are focusing on this summer. The nude and the baroque go hand in glove,” FoMu spokesperson Isabelle Willems told vrt.nws.

Two nudists-only visits are being organised – one on July 18 that is almost sold out – and one on July 19.

Willems said more such tours might be organised in the future if they prove a success. “If there is a demand to visit a museum in this way, we certainly want to respond to it,” she said.

Although visitors must undress to access the tour, both the guides and museum staff will get to keep their clothes on.

Linda A. Thompson
The Brussels Times

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