BELvue Museum presents expo on liberation of Brussels

BELvue Museum presents expo on liberation of Brussels
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The BELvue Museum, located next to the Brussels Royal Palace, will present a temporary exposition on the theme of “Brussels, November 1918. From war to peace?” from 26 September to 6 January 2019. The expo focuses on the liberation of the Belgian capital in 1918, and enables viewers to discover what Brussels residents were thinking in the final days of World War I.

Brussels was the largest Western European city occupied by German troops during the First World War. Its former mayor, Adolphe Max, had been arrested in 1914 and spent the entire duration of the war in a German prison.

Using historical photos, archival film material and objects from the era, the trilingual exposition plunges us into the tormented Brussels of 1918, caught between managing health problems while having to host refugees and deal with the return of combatants and exiles, and the need to restore social peace and organise a new democracy, according to the BELvue Museum.

The exposition is free. It was put together by the CegeSoma/State Archives as part of the commemoration activities around the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

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