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A circular journey of the Universe at Brussels Atomium

From the 22nd of September 2018 until to 5th of May 2019, Visual System takes over the temporary exhibition sphere of the Atomium, for a completely new immersive experience, called ID – A circular journey. ID, which stands for Innovative Display, gives Visual System a free rein to an original piece of light and sound at the heart of the Atomium. In honor of the Belgian landmark’s 60th birthday, the installation A circular journey invites the public to (re)visit the building on a peaceful tour that celebrates both its humanistic statement and its examination of scientific progress, which is ever ongoing. Strolling through A circular journey, visitors explore an Atomium through a journey that links infinities, both big and small.


Since antiquity, man has looked towards the immensity of the stars, to try to understand what they say about the world. At the turning point of the twentieth century, it is the small infinity which gradually revealed the mysteries and secrets of the atom. At the dawn of the third millennium, humanity discovers that everything, absolutely everything that constitutes the universe as we know it, comes from the burning heart of the stars; that we are, in the first place, their children, in the long existence of galaxies and what drive us.

While strolling through “A circular journey”, the visitor explores an Atomium enhanced with the lights and sounds of Visual System, through a journey linking the infinites, big and small. It’s a big cycle without beginning or end, except for the improved understanding of who we are.

Since the primordial, chaotic bubbling of science stammering, until the clear perception of the nature, of the material and of the organization of the universe, is a path that would recall the retreat that was once done in the sacred space, to the relic or the naos of the ancient temples. This path that first reveals whoever undertakes it, changed by the very fact of just observing.


ID – A circular journey: from 22nd of September 2018 until the 5th of May 2019
Atomium – Temporary exhibition Sphere (levels 3 &4)
Place de l’Atomiumplein 1 – 1020 Brussels