“White Night” back Saturday in Marolles, Brussels

The “White Night” cultural event, that “brings contemporary art to the heart of the city,” will make its comeback in the Brussels Marolles District. The White Night, organized by City of Brussels’s cultural department, will start at 7 pm Saturday, and end at 3 am Sunday.

“This year’s questioning theme, chosen for the City’s cultural institutions 50 years after May 68, was obvious for the district, which is known for its assertive character, rebellious identity and social cohesion,” Deputy Mayor of Culture Karine Lalieux explained during this White Night’s presentation.

The program will highlight different aspects of this questioning, in particular the Arab revolutions, or the decolonization of Rwanda. Urban disciplines, dance, or even projects on femininity, will be held in several of the district’s key places: the Jeu de Balle Square, Bruegel Cultural Center, Brigittines, City of Brussels’s Archives, Brussels’s Baths, CHU Saint-Pierre, Hellemans City, or Chapel Church.

Twenty-two projects in total, including 13 artists, Belgians or residents in Belgium, will be presented, for a total of 119 artists and performers.

More than 50,000 people participated in last year’s White Night in the Libertés District. The last time it was held in the Marolles was in 2013.

The entry is free, and STIB night buses will also be free of charge on this occasion.

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