Next edition of Brussels art fair to start 26 January

Next edition of Brussels art fair to start 26 January

The first edition of Brussels Art Fair or BRAFA started in Brussels in 1956. Over the years, the fair has grown to become one of the leading European art and antiques fairs. With a consistent focus on high quality, authenticity and diversity, the fair offers treasures of classicism, modern and contemporary art and design, covering more than 20 specialities. Last year, BRAFA Art Fair welcomed over 65,000 collectors and art lovers from across the world to discover 5 millennia of art history in the Tour and Taxi building by Brussels canal.

For this year’s edition, BRAFA has joined forces with the non-profit association BIAPAL to organize the “BRAFA Art Talks”. Over the course of the fair, visitors can join daily at 4 pm, to attend a talk by a renowned art-world personality specialized in the art market, sharing their knowledge and expertise on diverse and fascinating subjects, giving visitors the chance to discover or broaden their insight to various artists, eras, artworks and the general art market.

The special guest of honour for BRAFA 2019 will be Gilbert & George. In the half century that they have lived and worked together, Gilbert & George have created powerful Anti-Art that is poetic, primal and emotionally driven. Famed and celebrated for their pioneering work, they address social issues, taboos and artistic conventions, exploring a wide breadth of subjects pertaining to race, sexuality, religion, and mortality. ‘Art for all’ is the belief that underpins Gilbert & George’s art.

Although their art draws inspiration from daily life, the vision they offer is in turn metaphysical, mystical, or polemical, but always with a touch of humour and with the aim to convey a message. At Brafa they will present five recent largescale works that will be placed at various spots throughout the fair. Their quirky vision of the world is sure to be a perfect fit in the land of surrealism and BRAFA is proud to welcome them as guest of honour of its 2019 edition. 

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Gilbert & George guest of honurs at BRAFA 2019

Brafa 2019 is held from 26 January to 3 February at Tour & Taxi in Brussels. For more information:

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