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‘Looking out’ new exhibition at Gallery 151


Moroccan artist Dominique Rebibo’s new solo show – ‘Looking Out‘ – will be exhibited in Brussels’ Gallery 151 from 28 March to 28 May. This series of paintings is devoted to particular captures by Rebibo’s process driven approach. She creates strong figurative artwork, which appears fierce and oneiric at the same time.

Rebibo’s work offers colour nuances that can populate any volume of shapes, connected to their shade founding.

Born in Casablanca, Morocco, Rebibo moved to France at the age of six, where she lived for one year before permanently settling in Montreal, Canada.

Running a photography practise for over 20 years, she often uses her photographs as inspiration that mark the transition to another medium. Her visual passion transcend to a more tactile experience that allowed a real interaction with texture and depth.

Rebibo works primarily with acrylics. Her distinct use of pallet knives discovers layers and inner textures in each of her artworks. Her starting point ideas often becomes an under painting, while later she built more coats based on her reflections.

‘Looking Out‘ is a result of a tremendous journey of learning and discovery of innovative assorted inspirations and materials, based on formative life experiences.

Looking Out
From 28 March to 28 May 2019
Gallery 151

Chaussée de Wavre 147
1050 Brussels

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