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    American goes on unique fast: no food, only beer

    Del Hall
    Del Hall

    A resident of the U.S. state of Ohio is on a fast with a difference: no food, only beer. Brewery employee Del Hall says he was inspired by the habits of 17th Century monks.

    Instead of giving up chips or social networks for Lent, Hall decided he would stay off solid food for 46 days. Like Bavarian monks in the 1600s, he would drink only beer and water, he said on YouTube.

    Hall’s aim is to reduce his dependence on food. He told USA Today newspaper that he decided to go on a new type of diet because he felt he had poor eating habits and was too dependent on fats and sugars.

    He began his diet in early March. “I feel amazing,” Hall said. “Day two and three were pretty rough. I wanted to bash some Taco Bell after a few beers because that’s what we do.”

    After a week without solid food, he had lost just over eight kilos.

    Over the past two days, Hall says, he has felt no hunger and he hopes that is a good sign. He also hopes he can remain lucid.

    Del Hall reports on his fast on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, and is already an Internet and media celebrity.

    Andy Sanchez
    The Brussels Times