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Lambic craft beer honoured at the 12th ‘Geuze Toer’

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© Belga

Nine breweries and lambic blenders from Flemish Brabant will open their doors to the public on the weekend of 4 and 5 May. This is the 12th time that HORAL – Hoge Raadvoor Ambachtelijke Lambiekbieren (High Council for Artisanal Lambic Beers) – will organise this open-door event that is held every two years.

With the exception of the Walloon Tilquin, the concerned breweries are located in Flemish Brabant (Pajottenland and Zenne Valley), southwest of Brussels. Boon (Lembeek), De Cam (Gooik), De Troch (Wambeek), Hanssens (Dworp-Tourneppe), Lindemans (Vlezenbeek), Mort Subite (Asse), Oud Beersel (Beersel), Tilquin (Rebecq) and Timmermans (Itterbeek). 

These breweries will be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm, except De Cam, Hanssens and Mort Subite, which will only open on Sunday, 10 am to 5 pm.

Shuttle buses will be provided, but will be limited to one hundred seats, the organizers said on Wednesday. Visitors, however, can visit the breweries individually. There will be no need to book. Access is free. 

As at the previous events, a special “Oude Geuze mega blend” has been produced for the occasion, by blending Lambic from each participating brewery. 

The HORAL association unites many of the breweries producing Lambic, which arbours the European protection symbol, Traditional Specialty Guarantee. 

HORAL is currently campaigning for European recognition of the Lambic production region, and of the “Schaerbeek cherry”, involved in the production of the traditional Kriek beer. 

Gert Christiaens (Oud Beersel Brewery) was elected president of HORAL, replacing Frank Boon (Boon Brewery) who had resigned, the event’s organizers said on Wednesday. 

Although resigned, former president Boon confirmed that he would continue to provide technical expertise towards the elaboration of the two files for recognition. 

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