Brussels Airlines sends 'party flights' to bring festival-goers to Tomorrowland

Brussels Airlines sends 'party flights' to bring festival-goers to Tomorrowland

293 flights leave from 77 different airports around the world is bringing party-goers with over 100 nationalities to Belgium for two weekends of “madness”.

For the 15th edition of the world’s best music festival, 400,000 party-goers from over 200 different countries will travel to Boom for two weekends of Tomorrowland.

The theme this year is taken from  ‘The book of wisdom – the return’. Amongst the 293 Tomorrowland flights, 56 flights are transformed into “party flights” with music on board.

On eleven other flights, a DJ plays a live set at 10,000 metres height, according to a Brussels Airlines communiqué.

For the first time, the airline also organizes transatlantic party flights, leaving in Washington, where Tomorrowland goers from all over America get together to travel to the festival.

To get the party people in the right atmosphere right from the start of their journey, 16 airports organise a “gate party” with a live DJ before the flight.

Departing from 77 different airports, Brussels Airlines welcomes Tomorrowland guests with 107 different nationalities with as a top-five Spanish, Swiss, British, Swedish and German.

Brussels Airlines and Tomorrowland started their collaboration in 2012. Together they created Global Journey, offering international music fans packages that combine the festival with both transport and hotel or camping stay.

In 2017, Brussels Airlines introduced “Amare”, an aircraft dedicated to the festival, with a Tomorrowland themed design on the outside and special light and sound effects, creating a Tomorrowland experience on the inside.

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