Belgian designer completes coat in marathon 12 hours in Russian fashion championships

Belgian designer completes coat in marathon 12 hours in Russian fashion championships
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Alice Baré had to finish a Russian royalty-themed asymmetric coat in just 12 and a half hours, a task she managed to complete on Sunday. 

Baré is the Belgian entry for the Fashion Technology round of the World Technical and Technological Profession Championships in Kazan, Russia. 

The Huy resident stopped her clock, which was on the sewing table behind her, three minutes before the end of the challenge. “She always does that”, smiled her expert coach Christelle Cormann. 

The 21-year-old raised her arms in relief when the round ended, to a round of applause from the Belgian Red Bears who had come to support her. She had done 12 and a half hours of work spread over two days. 

“Saturday ended badly because Alice thought she has fallen behind. Today she has realised there are a few mistakes in her work – the neck drops a bit, a bit of detail on the inside was rushed so she could finish on time – but she’s happy to have finished and I’m satisfied too,” said Cormann. Cormann is a professor at the Mosane High Fashion free school (HELMo Mode) where Alice Baré got her fashion and modelling baccalaureate.  

The first day of the competition consisted of coming up with two haute-couture designs and drawing up a pattern for a skirt. The following two days included a model for an asymmetric coat with a tailored collar, a pocket on the front and a turned cuff. These elements were selected at random and only the emerald green slightly elastic material was obligatory for everyone. 

The competitors were assessed on creativity, difficulty, the quality of the technical details and the interior finishing. Alice will not say what she thinks of her royal coat. “My technique is not to go over what has happened. During a competition you have to think of what comes next so you don’t trip up,” Cormann said. 

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