Car free Sunday: a guide to who can be on the roads (and who can't)

Car free Sunday: a guide to who can be on the roads (and who can't)
Credit: Brussels Mobility

Car-Free Sunday - which will be held on 22 September throughout the Brussels-Capital Region - will see the region almost vehicle-free between 9:30 AM and 7:00 PM.

This does not, however, mean that the city will only be for pedestrians, with a number of exceptions running throughout the day to make getting around easier. 

Public transport

As with previous car-free Sundays, the entire STIB/MIVB network is free to use, with a "Saturday timetable" - increased service frequency - also on Sunday. However, as buses are limited to 30 km/h on the day, schedules will not be respected, STIB adds.

De Lijn buses will also be free of charge for journeys within Brussels' 19 municipalities.

On the road

Taxis, buses, emergency services, public utility vehicles, diplomatic services, disabled persons with a card and persons holding a waiver (request submitted before 19 September to the municipal administration) may continue to operate, BX1 reports.

In all cases, like the busses, their speed is limited to 30km/h.

Uber, however, will not be able to travel in Brussels unless the applied for a permit ahead of time. In an email to users, Uber said its network would be unavailable between 9:00 AM and 7:00 PM on Sunday.

Uber Eats, however, will remain available throughout the whole day.


Shared mobility options such as scooters and e-bikes can circulate (limit 25 km/h according to the rules of the road). However, e-bikes that can reach speeds of 45 km/h are considered as mopeds and can only ride if a waiver was approved.


Despite a lack of cars, the highway code remains applicable in Brussels.

"Cycling, respect the traffic lights, traffic directions and priorities. Watch your children, the pedestrian square is on the sidewalk. Be careful, all tunnels are closed to traffic and forbidden to cyclists and pedestrians," warns Brussels Mobility.

Brussels Mobility advises those wishing to come to Brussels by car to go to Heysel car park C which provides 8,000 places at €10/day, as well as access to several nearby metro stations.

Jules Johnston

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