Leading tour operator offers climate neutral travel packages

Leading tour operator offers climate neutral travel packages

Tour operator Sunweb with headquarters in Rotterdam announced on Tuesday that it has started to offer CO2-neutral package holidays and assures travellers that it will not cost them more.

Without specifying the extra costs, it states that it will cover the “the carbon cost for the flight, bus rid, transfer and accommodation”.

The cost compensation applies to all stays provided by the Sunweb Group in all countries.

The tour operation is aware of that carbon compensation might not be the solution to climate change but believes that “it’s important to act now in the travel industry”.

Sunweb Group, one of the leading travel groups in Europe, plans to offset the carbon emissions of more than one million travellers by 2020.

It hopes that other players in the industry will follow suit. The Group, which works with ClimateCare, supports renewable energy projects (wind farms) in India.

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