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Pairi Daiza unveils new underwater hotel 

Credit: Pairi Daiza

Following the success of the previous hotel inside the park, Pairi Daiza is giving animal lovers the chance to sleep in a room sharing a wall with polar bears, walruses, penguins and Siberian tigers. 

Pairi Daiza Resort, Land of the Cold, promises guests rooms with a unique view while the animals look inside in the luxurious bedrooms. 

Rooms will be offered over three levels:

Underwater with a view of the polar bears and walruses.

On the ground floor with the tigers 

Above with a view of the park as a whole. 

The additional 50 rooms will double the number of guests to enjoy overnight stays at the zoo. The rooms that already existed had a view on bears, wolves, deer and sea lions. With an occupancy rate of 82%, Pairi Daiza saw just cause to expand its selection.

79% of those resort guests came from Belgium, 16% were French, 3% came from the Netherlands. Also Germans, British, Americans, Canadians, Swiss, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanians, Moroccans, and more.

Pairi Daiza Resort, Land of the Cold, opens on 21 March.

The Brussels Times