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‘Duelles’ scoops 7 Magritte awards

Olivier Masset-Depasse was awarded the Magritte for Best director for his work on “Duelles” on Saturday evening. 

The 10th Magritte cinema awards took place at the Square in Brussels on Saturday. 

Masset-Depasse also won six other Magrittes for “Duelles,” including Best original or adapted scenario (Masset-Depasse and Giordano Gederlini), Best editing (Damian Keyeux), Best image (Hichame Alaouié), Best original music (Frédéric Vercheval), Best sound (Marc Bastien, Thomas Gauder, Héléna Réveillière and Olivier Struye) and Best supporting actor (Arieh Worthalter). 

Masset-Depasse’s Alfred Hitchcock-style film “Duelles” is set in the 60s. After a tragedy disturbs their quiet neighbourhood, paranoia progressively poisons two women’s strong friendship.  

The Brussels Times