Is Belgium still open to tourists?

Is Belgium still open to tourists?
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To contain the further spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), the government recommended that Belgians stop travelling abroad. But can tourists still visit Belgium?

"The Belgian borders are still open," said Karl Lagatie, a Foreign Affairs spokesperson to The Brussels Times, meaning that tourists are still allowed to enter the country.

"However, there are certain possible implications for foreign travellers, such as not being able to return to their own country, for example," said Erik Eenaerts, the spokesperson for Domestic Affairs, to The Brussels Times.

Tourists and travellers are still allowed to enter the country, but they should first check the travel advice of their own countries before entering Belgium, say both the spokespersons for Foreign and Domestic Affairs.

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"We cannot see the future, of course, so I can only advise every person to follow the travel advice of their own country before travelling to Belgium," Eenaerts said, adding that once the tourists are on Belgian soil, they will have to follow the measures taken by the National Security Council, as they are in force for everyone on Belgium's territory.

The authorities have asked Belgians to limit social contact, and stay in their homes as much as possible. In addition, all restaurants, cafes, nightclubs and bars are closed, and events have been cancelled or postponed.

Italy and Spain are in complete lockdown, and several other countries, such as the Czech Republic, Denmark, and Poland have closed their borders to foreign travellers. Other countries, including Germany, Austria and Hungary, have only closed parts of their borders or have implemented checks for people wanting to enter.

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