Cloudy weather expected this week

Cloudy weather expected this week
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The Royal Meteorological Institute, RMI, expects fairly mild weather this week, predicting no extremes in its latest seven-day update on Tuesday.

The IRM announced dry, sunny weather throughout the country for Tuesday afternoon, but noted that a few cumuliform clouds were possible, especially in the far south, along with an increasing number of high-altitude clouds. Highs would be between 11°C and 15°C, and winds slight to moderate.

On Wednesday, cloud banks will alternate with clear skies. The weather will remain dry, except perhaps in the southeast, where there could be localized showers. Highs will be between 12°C and 17°C. The winds will often be moderate, then slight at the end of the day.

Thursday will begin with covered skies, with a risk of slight rains, especially in the north and centre of the country, although skies will still be clear in some parts of the south. During the day, the cloud cover will increase, and there will be a few light to heavy showers. Highs will be close to 11°C on the coast, around 13°C in the centre, and up to 15°C in Belgian Lorraine. The winds will be slight.

Skies are also expected to be cloudy on Friday, with a risk of showers. However, they should clear up during the day. Highs will not exceed 11°C in the northwestern half of the country. In the south they will reach 14°C.

On Saturday, the weather will be dry with partially cloudy skies, which will become increasingly clearer in the afternoon. The weather will be colder, highs will range between 6°C and 10°C, while there will be a disagreeable east wind.

On Sunday, light frost is even possible at dawn. During the day, the weather will be sunny with highs of 5°C to 10°C. The wind will be moderate to high.

Monday will still be sunny and cool, with highs close to 10°C in the centre, while Tuesday will be sunnier, with highs approaching 12°C and a little less wind.

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