Health Minister Maggie De Block to only communicate online

Health Minister Maggie De Block to only communicate online
Credit: Twitter/Maggie De Block

Federal Minister for Public Health Maggie De Block has announced that she will only give interviews digitally, to reduce the amount of physical contact in light of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), via a video message on Twitter.

De Block said that she is in great demand by the media because of her position in the context of the coronavirus health crisis. These contacts with the press are unreasonable at this “crucial” time in the fight against the virus, she said.

Translation: “Keeping a distance and avoiding contact: that applies to everyone. That’s why from now on, I will no longer go to TV studios and I won’t receive journalists anymore. Of course, I will continue to give you explanations through the press using modern means of communication.”

The minister invites everyone to distance themselves as much as possible. “It is certainly not easy to change our habits, but now is the time to do so. If we all do our best, we will win the fight against the coronavirus,” she says.

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