Stay physically active during coronavirus crisis, scientists and doctors say

Stay physically active during coronavirus crisis, scientists and doctors say
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Sport Vlaanderen, scientists and doctors call the population to remain active despite that the coronavirus has completely paralyzed the country.

In an open letter signed by doctors and Flemish Minister of Sports Ben Weyts they call the public to remain physically active.

“We are going through a strange period. All recreational, sports and cultural, public or private activities are prohibited. This therefore prevent clubs and other sports organizations and citizens to organize physical activities,” they write.

“But this must not mean that people should stop ‘moving.’ The National Security Council has also said that physical activity (individual, with a household member or with a friend) was allowed, even recommended.” 

Many athletes have encouraged the initiative, and proposed good practices to continue a physical activity. “Move and do some physical activity, but softly, not too intensively nor too much at once. If you are used to endurance exercises, you must now opt for intervals. Train outside when possible, even if it is always better inside than not at all,” the letter indicated, before reminding of certain confinement instructions. 

“Exercise alone (or limit yourself to one person), stay away (1.5 meters) from others and avoid contact. Do nothing besides your sporting activity: do not go together by car, do not change together, use your own equipment. Do not train if you are sick, alone or not. If you have had a fever, do not resume physical activity directly. For example, it is recommended to wait seven days after three days of temperature.”

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