Call to avoid the Belgian coast respected

Call to avoid the Belgian coast respected
Credit: Belga

Belgians respected the authorities’ appeal to avoid the coast this weekend. 

The coast was very quiet this Saturday. Bruges police say the message must have been understood as there were only a handful of infractions. 

The same was also true at Ostende. Only eight youths were warned for not respecting the ban on mass-gatherings.

“Everything went very smoothly. There were preventative checks, but the population is generally following the rules. There were a lot of people at the dam this afternoon, but as long as people keep their distance from each other that’s not a problem,” local police said.  

The situation was also calm at Blankenberge. “There were a few walkers around, but they were all locals,” police said.

However, 17 verbal warnings were issued along the access roads into the coastal city. “These were people who had no good reason to go to the coast. They were turned around and sent home.”

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