Coronavirus: Exercising in 1km radius is 'not a good solution' 

Coronavirus: Exercising in 1km radius is 'not a good solution' 
De Crem stressed that "playtime is over." Credit: Pxhere

As the federal police asked for clearer rules for outside activities to contain the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-9), Minister for Domestic Affairs Pieter De Crem said that the proposed 1-km-rule is "not a good solution."

Following the 1-km-rule, people are only allowed to go outside if they stay within one kilometre of their home. However, De Crem does not think that would be a good idea.

"People have the right to go outside. If people living in apartments or residential areas can only come outside within a radius of one kilometre, many people will be outside together in a small place. That will have a counterproductive effect," said De Crem to VRT. "Not to mention the psychological aspect: otherwise it will look like an open-air prison," he added.

However, De Crem stressed that "playtime is over," and that "a quantification of what one can do, and within which radius" cannot be ruled out, adding that a bike ride of 50 km is not allowed.

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The police previously asked for clearer rules on the coronavirus measures, as the government's indication that people should "stay close to their homes" is "much too vague," said Nicholas Paelinck, chair of the standing committee of local police forces, to De Standaard.

They proposed strict rules, such as those in force in France, where outdoor exercise is limited to one hour a day, in an area no larger than one kilometre from home. However, the exact distance could be adapted. “As long as the rule is clear,” Paelinck said. “Not only for us, but also for the public.”

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