Coronavirus: ‘No use’ for maximum exercising distance

Coronavirus: ‘No use’ for maximum exercising distance
As the rules are unclear for both the police and the public, the enforcement policy differs in different zones. Credit: Pikrepo

Many experts are not in favour of a rule limiting the distance people can go from their homes to exercise that was proposed by the federal police in light of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) crisis.

The National Security Council will meet on Friday afternoon to evaluate the measures the government took two weeks ago, and decide on whether or not they will be extended, tightened or otherwise adjusted.

On Thursday, the federal police asked the government for clearer rules regarding outside activities, as the indication that people should “stay close to their homes” was “much too vague,” according to them. As the rules are not entirely clear for the different police forces, or the public, the enforcement policy differs in different zones.

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A fixed distance should be implemented “with a probability bordering on certainty,” said Minister for Domestic Affairs Pieter De Crem to VRT on Thursday. However, a fixed 1 kilometre-radius to exercise in was “not a good solution,” he added.

“There is no use in fixing a certain distance or duration for exercising,” said professor Steven Van Gucht on Radio 1 on Friday morning. He is one of the experts who will advise the politicians during the National Security Council. “What is important is that people keep their distance from each other,” he added.

“If they respect the rules of distance, people can cycle as far as they want,” federal Minister for Public Health Maggie De Block said to VRT.

Maïthé Chini
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