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Uber introduces reduced rate for medical professionals

Credit: Belga

The Uber private transport service on Friday launched a new option for medical professionals, Uber Medics, which enables them to travel at a reduced rate for the duration of the novel Coronavirus crisis.

Doctors, nurses and other health workers now benefit from a 25% price reduction on their rides. Otherwise the service remains the same. Many drivers on the Uber network confirmed to the Belga News Agency that the option had been activated.

The transport platform first proposed Uber Medics in France on Friday morning, then extended it to Brussels, the only city in Belgium where Uber is active, in the afternoon. It has assured drivers that their remuneration will remain the same, which implies that the company is foregoing its commission on the Uber Medics rides.

Partners who do not wish to do this type of ride may disactivate the new option.

The Brussels Times