Coronavirus: Misleading information about reparation works on official website

Coronavirus: Misleading information about reparation works on official website
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The Belgian government publishes all information about the lockdown measures on its official website. Under frequently asked questions (FAQ), citizens can find out what is allowed or recommended during the coronavirus crisis.

Following the National Security Council (Conseil National de Sécurité) meeting on Friday (27 March), new decisions were made at the political level. According to the website, the decisions require consultations between the various federal, regional and local authorities in order to make them concrete.

The FAQ on the site will also be updated over the course of this weekend.

One question many who live in apartment buildings have is whether renovation of elevators can start or continue during the crisis. The works might block the use of the elevators, preventing the residents from leaving the building for their daily exercise, and make it more difficult to disinfect the elevators.

Judging from the current FAQ, only urgent works can be made (e.g by a plumber).

Can construction activities continue?

“Construction activities can take place outdoors, provided that social distancing measures are respected. This also applies to working inside non-residential buildings and dwellings. Interior repairs can be carried out if they are urgent from the point of view of safety, well-being or hygiene.”

Quite clear, it seems. But if you phone the website for further information, the answer is that reparation works are allowed, contrary to the guidelines, and do not require special permission.

Are the guidelines not binding or is there a loophole in them? The Brussels Times has reached out to the authorities for a clarification.


M. Apelblat

The Brussels Times

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