Coronavirus: Hunting boars allowed

Coronavirus: Hunting boars allowed

Hide hunting of boars is allowed when aimed at preventing damage, the Royal Saint-Hubert Club of Belgium, RSHCB, said on Friday evening in a press release.

A ministerial decree issued on 18 March defines agriculture as an essential activity, needed to satisfy the population’s basic needs.

The RSHCB provides an additional clarification, noting in its press release that “boar hunting from hides on plains is still allowed when it is aimed at avoiding damage.”

It added: “The owner of a hunting license who moves around to hunt boars from a hide on a plain will need to show, in the event of a check, all elements susceptible of proving his intentions.”

Residents, or hunting-license holders whom they delegate, are also authorised to kill boars and wood pigeons.

Operations against swine fever are also authorised.

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