Man suspected of raping minor arrested in Hainault province

Man suspected of raping minor arrested in Hainault province
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A 54-year-old computer salesman suspected of raping a minor has been arrested in the town of Pecq, Hainault Province, the Public Prosecutor’s Office in nearby Tournai said, confirming a report in Nord Eclair on Saturday.

The man was arrested in late March, but the Tournai Public Prosecutor ‘s Office did not announce the arrest at the time.

He was apprehended by police at his home in the centre of Pecq and then questioned, following which a warrant for his arrest was issued by the investigating judge. The warrant was confirmed for one month by the Council Chamber.

He is charged with raping a minor aged between 10 and 14 years and committing a violent indecent attack on a minor under the age of 16 years.

The suspect faces 15 to 20 years behind bars, although the sentence could be reduced to between 1 and 15 years if the matter goes to a correctional court, Tournai Deputy Public Prosecutor Frédéric Bariseau said.

The investigation was launched after the mother of one of the man’s victims filed a complaint.

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