Coronavirus: More hospital discharges than admissions in last 24 hours

Coronavirus: More hospital discharges than admissions in last 24 hours
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In the last 24 hours, 487 patients infected by the new coronavirus (Covid-19) have been hospitalised, while 524 people have been discharged, the Federal Public Health Service said in the daily update on Wednesday.

For the first time, the total number of people hospitalised for a coronavirus infection has decreased in Belgium, from 6,012 people on 6 April to 5,688 on 7 April.

1,276 of those patients are in intensive care, of which 1,008 people required respiratory assistance.

Additionally, 205 new deaths have been recorded, bringing the total number of deaths to 2,240, since the beginning of the health crisis.

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"The situation seems to be approaching a peak or a plateau, the next few days will tell us which scenario we are heading towards," said professor Emmanuel André, interfederal Covid-19 spokesperson. "These figures show that the efforts made are beginning to bear fruit. But difficulties persist in hospitals and rest homes, so it is important to continue these efforts," he added.

In the last 24 hours, 1,209 new confirmed cases of infection have been reported, 544 (45%) in Flanders, 548 (45%) in Wallonia and 101 (8%) in Brussels. Data were not available for 16 others.

The total number of confirmed cases in Belgium since the beginning of the pandemic has now reached 23,403. This figure, however, does not reflect the exact number of people contaminated, as not everyone is being tested.

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