New form of medical certificate for quarantined workers

New form of medical certificate for quarantined workers
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The federal government is today expected to approve a proposal to introduce a new form of medical certificate for workers who have been quarantined by a doctor as a precautionary measure.

The new certificate covers those employees who have been ordered into quarantine by a doctor because they are suspected of having the coronavirus, despite having no symptoms. If it is possible for them to telework, they can continue to earn a normal salary.

Until now, even those workers who cannot telework have been able to claim a guaranteed salary paid by their employer. The trade unions were in favour of retaining that situation. Employers, on the other hand, opposed it and demanded a new form of certification.

In the end, the two sides came together in the Group of Ten and agreed a solution.

Once the proposal is approved by the government – and it is rare for a Group of Ten proposal to be rejected – employees in precautionary quarantine will switch to the allowance reserved for workers in temporary unemployment.

That means they receive an allowance of up to 70% of their gross salary, with a maximum of €1,900 a month before deductions.

For employees who are quarantined with symptoms, nothing changes. They continue to receive a normal salary for a period, followed by a sick-leave allowance paid by the social insurance agency.

The sick-leave allowance, meanwhile, has been raised from 60% of salary to 70%, to encourage these employees to move to the allowance paid by social security without losing income. The difference being that employers no longer need to pay when the switch is made.

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