Coronavirus: animal hotels and shelters can reopen

Coronavirus: animal hotels and shelters can reopen
Animal shelters and hotels can open back up to the public, under certain conditions. Credit: Stock image/Unsplash

Animal shelters and hotels can now reopen to members of the public, according to an update of the coronavirus guidelines from the National Crisis Centre.

Organisations running an animal refuge are allowed to receive people who wish to adopt a pet or give theirs up for adoption on an appointment basis.

Volunteers were also allowed to help in the shelters again and the centre said that refuges that open their doors must follow social-distancing rules as much as possible.

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The relaxation of regulations for shelters came in the form of an update to the National Crisis Centre’s frequently asked questions, created as a practical guide for the public on the lockdown measures.

The updated document also said that hotels for pets were also allowed to reopen without providing further details or conditions.

Shelters and hotels were forced to shutter to the public along with other non-essential businesses after the coronavirus lockdown was imposed in March.

Pet hotels were nevertheless allowed to keep receiving animals but only for emergencies, such as the death of the owner.

According to the Crisis Centre’s guidelines, animal groomers must still remain closed and pet crematoriums can continue to operate on appointment.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times

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