10 weird & wonderful questions from Belgium's Coronavirus FAQ

10 weird & wonderful questions from Belgium's Coronavirus FAQ
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As part of the ongoing fight against the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) in Belgium, a comprehensive frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been made available to the public.

Covering topics ranging from the general (What can I do to protect myself and others?) to the practical (Will I get my mail?) - the list provides an up to date recap of the situation in the country at the moment.

What it also provides, are answers to some questions the average citizen may not have considered. That's what we're here to highlight today:

Q. Do elite athletes get exceptional access to sports facilities?

A. Yes, if they have elite sport status and they only do their training in an individual context or with no more than two other people. Group training is prohibited.

Q. Is the private rental of bouncy castles allowed?

A. No

Q. Can I still use my drone?

A. Recreational use of your drone is only allowed on your own private land, around your home. More information can be found here.

Q. Can ashes be scattered at sea?

A. No

Q. Is it allowed to use electric scooters for walking?

A. No, they are not allowed for recreational activities. However, they are permitted as a means of transport for essential journeys.

Q. Can children of divorced parents still be taken from one parent to another?

A. Yes, but try to limit all non-essential movements.

Q. Can I sit in a van with my colleague?

A. Yes, only if you respect the social distance (1.5 meters).

Q. Is it authorised to move bees or hives to another EU Member State?

A. This is not prohibited. A health certificate issued by the FASFC is always necessary. However, no guarantees can be given when hives or bees are transported to another Member State. The situation regarding the coronavirus differs from one Member State to another, and animal transport may have been restricted in certain Member States.

Q. Will the restaurants and tax-free shops at airports remain open?

A. Yes, the restaurants and shops beyond security control remain open. This is with a view to spreading passengers as widely as possible in the airport terminal and subject to social distancing measures.

Q. Can I wear the face mask around my neck for a while, to take a drink for example?

A. No, because of the risk of contamination. If the mask needs to be removed, for example for a drink, then place it on a clean surface that can be sanitised afterwards. You can also hold it by the ribbons or elastic bands.

The responses in this article have been taken from the official source, and only edited for clarity.

Jules Johnston

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