How coronavirus impacts Belgian pension tax statements

How coronavirus impacts Belgian pension tax statements
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Not all Belgian pension tax statements can be sent by post this year, as a result of the coronavirus crisis, the Federal Pensions Department announced on Monday.

All the necessary data have been sent to the Federal Public Finance Services (FPS Finances), however, the Pensions Department said in a press release

A total of 223,000 tax statements will be sent during May to taxpayers filing a paper return. "The sending of the tax forms for pensioners living abroad was finalised just before the introduction of the reinforced measures in the context of the coronavirus crisis," they said.

However, it was not possible to print the statements for pensioners residing in Belgium as a result of the measures taken to contain the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19). 

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"It is impossible for employees to comply with the rules of social distancing when working with the high-speed printer or the inserting machines," the Pensions department said. They have "therefore decided not to send all tax statements on paper to Belgium in 2020."

People who receive a proposal for a simplified declaration and those who submit their declaration via Tax-on-web, as well as those who have their declaration completed by an employee of the FPS Finances, do not in principle need a paper version.

Pensioners who still wish to check their data and do not have access to can request a duplicate via the Pensions Department's contact form or via the special pension number 1765.

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